About Uri

Uri Lee, born in Seoul, South Korea, grew up influenced by Western culture. She was urged to learn more and seek world experience, leading her to study fine art and fashion design at Parsons School of design in NYC. The fast-paced lifestyle of New York was not in line with her, so she moved to Santa Monica Beach to pursue a fashion career and she has been a Clothing buyer for over 15 years while discovering that her passion lies in the wellbeing of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

She then met her husband outside the Health Food store and started a family. She wanted to create a healthy planet while he was working on his journey to become one of the strong holistic lifestyle influencers in Los Angeles. Uri has been to many different sides of the world to discover healing modality and search for ancient wisdom, working towards transferring to the mass to help heal people who are in need. 

She has 2 healthy children in the Waldorf School of the Rudolf Steiner education system, which she also strongly supports and recommends. Uri advocates a natural way of living and helps others to live a holistic lifestyle through consulting and retreats. 

Uri Lee, also known as “Ms. Health Nut”, has expertise in teaching “The Power of Love & Mind Detox” and RTT, Rapid Transformation Therapy aligning one's values with what they love to do. She also has a lifetime mission to change the sugar culture of America to sugarfree Halloween and Easter. Uri has a Special personal retreat and family counseling venue designed to help you and your family transform to a healthier lifestyle; feel free to get in touch with her at iamuri@yahoo.com for more information.


Love, Uri